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Volvo Ocean Race and Team Brunel

After seeing how KATANtech products helped keep the crew safer and healthier during the 2016 Race, Team Skipper and sailing icon Bouwe Bekking spoke about how important a healthy crew was to a successful race outcome. Katan Technologies is proud to partner with Team Brunel to provide BIOSPADA Skin Sanitisers, Cleaner+Disinfectant+Protector, Antimicrobial Protectors, Organic Soap and Organic Fruit & Vegetable wash to keep the crew and support staff safer during this 45,000(!) km epic race! With the huge fan base that the race sees during its 12 stops around the world, the risk of infection is high and keeping the teams protected is a competitive advantage that the team recognizes.

Good luck Team Brunel!

Zika Virus Mosquito Control is here!

A proven, eco-responsible solution for controlling Aedes mosquitos.


NZ MAF Approvals for Biospada PLUS!

The NZ Ministry for Primary Industries has given C41 approval for Biospada Plus 15,30, 60 and 500 products.

Protecting Athletes in Rio!

Biospada Products Protect Team Netherlands!

Katan Technologies is proud to be providing a range of Biospada products to the Netherlands Olympic and Paralympic teams. This includes Biospada Skin Sanitiser and Biospada Antimicrobial Protector, Biospada Plus Cleaner+Disinfectant+Protector and Biospada Organic Soap.


Invima Approval!

Biospada and Biospada Plus are certified by INVIMA

Biospada and Biospada Plus receive certification from INVIMA (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) for KatanTech Colombia S.A.S.  (INVIMA is is the Colombian equivalent to FDA in the United States).

Biospada and Biospada Plus are approved to be used in Food & Beverage Facilites.