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Zika Virus Mosquito Control is here!

A proven, eco-responsible solution for controlling Aedes mosquitos.

February 1, 2016, Naples, FloridaToday, Katan Technologies announced immediate availability of Vectorcide Insect Control, enabling a new, effective and long-lasting technology in the fight against the Anopheles and  Aedes mosquito species , the species responsible for malaria, and  yellow fever, dengue fever, chikunguyna and the ZIKA virus.

The World Health Organization has declared the Zika threat an International Public Health Emergency.

“The testing that has been completed at the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine shows that the Vectorcide product range is extremely effective. It is not only cost-effective, but it can be rapidly implemented and is a safer alternative for controlling mosquito populations than most currently available solutions,” said Diwa Ratnam, C.E.O at Katan Technologies.

There is no vaccine to combat Zika, meaning that the only preventative measures available are to reduce the number of disease carrying mosquitoes by public health measures or for individuals to to avoid getting bitten by protecting themselves. While a vaccine is being developed, there is still an urgent need for an easy-to-implement solution. The product is available in two forms -  capsules for addition to standing water where mosquito larvae breed, and a clear water-based liquid that can be sprayed, brushed or painted onto surfaces.

“LSHTM showed efficacy exceeding two years!” said Ratnam. “


Global Impact!

Many users have already benefited from deploying Vectorcide Insect Control. For example, following a successful trial, the Malaria Control Council of the Republic of Zambia recently committed to deploying Vectorcide Insect Control. Vectorcide Insect Control will enable Zambia to protect its population in a  way that mosquito nets have not because these are not of help during the day or if used for other purposes as they often are.


Vectorcide Insect Control Availability

Vectorcide Insect Control is part of Katan Technologies Technologies’ commitment to deliver the latest product innovations in antimicrobial and insect control technologies. Vectorcide Insect Control is available for immediate purchase and training, or trained applicators are available .

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