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 We provide technologies for healthy environments.

Our products are eco-responsible and have proven, durable efficacy against a wide variety of microbes including algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and viruses.

We strive for  water-based products with an emphasis on safety and non-mutagenicity ( i.e. they don't create "super-bugs").

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Protecting Athletes in Rio!

Biospada Products Protect Team Netherlands!

Katan Technologies is proud to be providing a range of Biospada products to the Netherlands Olympic and Paralympic teams. This includes Biospada Skin Sanitiser and Biospada Antimicrobial Protector, Biospada Plus Cleaner+Disinfectant+Protector and Biospada Organic Soap.


Zika Virus Mosquito Control is here!

A proven, eco-responsible solution for controlling Aedes mosquitos.


Invima Approval!

Biospada and Biospada Plus are certified by INVIMA

Biospada and Biospada Plus receive certification from INVIMA (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) for KatanTech Colombia S.A.S.  (INVIMA is is the Colombian equivalent to FDA in the United States).

Biospada and Biospada Plus are approved to be used in Food & Beverage Facilites.


NZ MAF Approvals for Biospada PLUS!

The NZ Ministry for Primary Industries has given C41 approval for Biospada Plus 15,30, 60 and 500 products.